Beach day and cannabis just fit

There aren’t too many things that I just have to have in my life.

  • I’d start with love, shelter, clothing and food.

And then, I’d have to say being able to get to the beach. I’m nearly 50 and I’ve spent my entire adult life no more than an hour or so from a beach somewhere. Recently, I moved to a state that of course has beaches. But there is also legal recreational marijuana here as well. Talk about hitting the bonus round. I was able to get the position I’d worked for all this time with the company and I get to go shopping for marijuana for sale. I’ve turned down positions and jobs before simply because it meant moving too far inland. And the last state I lived in didn’t even have medical marijuana passed yet. So it really is pretty great. The way it’s going, who knows, maybe I finally meet that perfect person finally. If I do, she’s gonna have to like the beach. I’m only a ten minute walk to the beach these days. It’s the closest I’ve been in 15 years. And I walk right past the local cannabis spot on my way to my secret spot. Of course, my job takes a lot of my time and energy. There is a learning curve to what I’ve taken over so I’m spending that much more time inside the office. But there is still always at least one beach day a week. And that beach day starts with a bit of shopping for marijuana. I like to enjoy sativa strains for sale at the local cannabis spot. There is just something about sativa products that fit hand in hand with sun, salt and blue skies.
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