The dispensary attendant didn't know the basics

Indica and sativa marijuana strains are vastly different.

Indica strains have relaxing and sedating effects.

Indica strains can help a great deal with pain relief, insomnia, and stress. Sativa strains stimulate focus and creativity in the brain. They are typically the type of marijuana strain that a person would use in the morning, when they don’t want to fall asleep. Since all of the marijuana strains are vastly different, it is important for budtenders to have proper marijuana dispensary education. Every marijuana dispensary attendant should easily know the difference between an indica and a sativa marijuana strain. My friends and I went to a high-end marijuana boutique in the city and the girl at the counter did not know the difference between an indica and a sativa. I asked the budtender if she could tell me the name of a great sativa and she suggested Skywalker og. I know 100% for sure that Skywalker OG is an indica. When I asked the budtender and she was absolutely sure that was a good indica, she shook her head up and down. I put my head in my hand and told my friends that I was going to go somewhere else. One of my buddies bought a pre-rolled marijuana joint, but I left the marijuana shop without buying a single item after I realized that the person at the counter didn’t know much more than a layman off of the streets. I honestly thought the service would be better in a place where the lowest priced item was still 40% higher than anything else I’ve seen in a local dispensary.


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