My marijuana delivery never showed up.

My friend as well as I wanted to celebrate her birthday, but my associate and I didn’t want to go out, and it was like my associate and I were cued, because my associate and I shouted out at the same, but my pal and I wanted to put in an online order to the marijuana dispensary, as well as request delivery, while waiting for the marijuana delivery, my associate and I called a few friends as well as asked them to come join her birthday celebration, however two hours later, our marijuana products still hadn’t been delivered, as well as I was getting distraught.

I called the dispensary as well as asked when the delivery was going to be made.

She said they had my order, but the delivery driver can only take ten packages at a time, however he was to be back in about ten minutes, as well as mine would be the first marijuana delivery he would make. I thanked her as well as my associate and I settled back to wait for the marijuana delivery driver. The gathering was in full swing, the songs was loud, as well as my associate and I were ready for the marijuana products to be delivered, when the iphone rang. The budtender at the marijuana dispensary asked if the delivery had been made yet. They hadn’t heard anything from the delivery driver, as well as they were distraught. I told them my associate and I hadn’t heard anything from anyone until now. I asked if I was going to get the marijuana delivery that evening? She said if he didn’t show up in the next hour, my associate and I should call her back, as well as she would send someone else out. It was already 9PM, as well as I was sure no one would be making my marijuana delivery. The gathering was fun, but the them marijuana delivery never showed up, as well as all I cared about was getting my money back.
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