Giving the gift of cannabis

It was a very sad Christmas at my house… or at least I thought it was until I got a little bundle of holiday joy.

No I’m not talking about a baby! Gross.

The last thing I want is to be surprised by a pregnancy, that would just add to my troubles. Earlier in the month the heating system in my home broke down, and that was followed quickly by a crack in the ceiling. I had to pay a contractor to come out and start work, which completely wiped out my Christmas fund. Being broke at Christmas is a bummer, and then my best friend Jeff gave me that little bundle of joy in the form of cannabis. Inside the neatly wrapped bundle were six small holiday-themed bags, each one with a few grams of cannabis inside. This wasn’t just an ounce of cannabis, it was six different amazing strains of cannabis! That really turned my holiday around. I felt terrible, though, because Jeff had given me so much cannabis, and I had no gift for him. Jeff was happy to give me that cannabis and brighten my spirits, and didn’t want anything in return. Instead of giving Jeff a gift I got into the holiday spirit, and the two of us smoked cannabis while we trimmed the Christmas tree and watched Elf on tv. Because it was a variety pack of cannabis, we tried to smoke a little bit of each strain. The cannabis was too strong, though, and by the time we finished decorating the tree we had to lay down on the couch and take a nap.


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