4/20 celebrations lacked luster this year

Kim & I were looking forward to all of the 4/20 celebrations this year… My associate Kim and I decided to spend the afternoon in the big city where there are more marijuana dispensaries. There is only one marijuana dispensary that is close to the town where Kim and I live, however Kim and I knew that Kim and I would get much better deals plus savings by going to the city, and i believed that Kim and I were going to wind up with a lot of free stuff like t-shirts, pins, hats, plus pre-rolls. During the previous year, Kim plus I went to the city plus my associate and I got a bunch of stuff for free. I was honestly let down this year, because most of the 420 celebrations were lackluster. They did not have a lot of free stuff plus no one had early morning doorbuster specials. It was worse than an awful Black Thursday sales event. The only nice deal that my friends plus I found all afternoon long was at 1 marijuana shop with 50% off my favorite infused marijuana pre-rolls. The 50% off sale was the only nice thing there, however there were a lot of people lined up to take the fortune of the sale on infused marijuana pre- rolls. Kim plus I purchase various odd flavors plus varieties, when Kim and I were done at the dispensary, my associate and I found a location nearby to smoke one of these infused marijuana pre-rolls. At the end of the afternoon, Kim and I looked at everything that my associate and I scored plus my associate and I only had free stuff from half of the sites. I know my friends were equally disappointed with our haul.

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