Educating the youth – truth about cannabis

One would wonder if honesty is always the best policy.

Well, we like to think that it is, but now it has also gotten us into a lot of trouble with the neighbors. It all started a couple weeks ago, when our daughter had a sleepover party to celebrate the end of the semester. Several of her buddies from school brought sleeping bags over for a night under the stars. We built a bonfire in our spacious backyard, and offered them popcorn and drinks. As the night went on, we snuck around the side of the home to smoke some cannabis. We had assumed that the smell of the bonfire would eclipse the cannabis smoke and that the youngsters wouldn’t notice. This was the mistake my wife and I made since the moment the youngsters smelled the cannabis smoke, they came looking for us. We. had the option of lying to them, or telling the truth. We took some time to explain that we were smoking a plant called marijuana, which a lot of people love. We further explained about it and how some people use it wrongly. Although none of the youngsters knew what marijuana was, they all recognized the distinct smell, which is what got us in trouble. One of the kids said “my mommy smells like that, does she smoke marijuana?” And then another one remarked the same, and it turned out that most of the youngsters had parents who smoked cannabis in secret. Of course the kids themselves went back home the next day and they all snitched on me for smoking cannabis. They also said that they knew their parents got stoned, too. Now all of the pothead parents are mad at us.
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