The people I was with and I needed social media management.

My brother had consistently wanted to own his own business… I had to laugh when he came house one day and told me he finally found the perfect business, then he had heard they were looking for franchisees for the current marijuana dispensary that was to be in our town.

She instantly put in his application and went to the bank to make sure he could get the currency needed to buy a franchise.

I abruptly realized how much he wanted to own a business. She asked if I could handle his social media management while he took the classes. I told his he should make sure he got the franchise before jumping into this. She was sure he would end up with the cannabis dispensary, and when he got the notice, he already wanted to be ten steps ahead, and the people I was with and I talked about social media management, and I told his he should talk to a digital management corporation. The digital management business could do his website for the cannabis dispensary. They could make sure the SEO was proper, and they sited all the ads in the right sites. The website was the key to his success, but he needed to guess if the owner of the franchise had a certain format. She rolled his eyes and told me to do the task and he would worry about it later, if he didn’t get the cannabis dispensary, but my brother had little of a business mind, but he was determined. I did the legwork and looked into several digital management companies. I found one that would do everything he needed, including social media management, and all both of us had to do was wait until they awarded his the cannabis dispensary franchise.

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