The guy had me worried and freaked out

The people I was with an addition to myself have a lot of fun with a group of people that are both interesting and addition to boisterous.

My co-workers and addition to myself absolutely love our jobs.

When the people I was with an addition to myself are supposed to be working, we are actually outside getting high. It is honestly true that the people that work at a marijuana dispensary can’t get high anytime. They what. As long as you have some break time available, you can go outside and get high. Many people in the dispensary prefer to smoke the pre rolled cigarettes that they have. The people I was with an addition to myself regularly get stoned. We do not like to assume being impaired at our job is the way to go, so every one of us have figured out a way to do some other things. The marijuana shop has been busy for a long time and it seems like only some people were listening to the issues that were really coming up. One of those things was the guard at the front door. The guard checks all of the identification cards from people going to the cannabis dispensary. The guard is a big guy that is bald and has a lot of muscles. The guy also carries a gun so he can take care of problems that come up. I think that’s supposed to make me feel safer, but it actually makes me feel a lot more worried that we need someone to guard the money as well as the dispensary supplies.


Orange kush

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