Vaping was a stress free anxiety solution for my dad

My dad used to be the most mellow guy on the planet; As he has gotten older his anxiety has started to creep up.

It got to where he was drawback most of the afternoon, snappy like, and would have trouble driving to work, however my mother’s solution was to get him on medication.

He went to the doctors and was prescribed anxiety pills. My father had to get a prostate exam, wait in the waiting room for hours, and had to remember to refill his pills each month and take them. My father hated the doctor’s visit so bad he didn’t want to go back. He also never remembered to take his pills! Once he was out, he never would call the pharmacy and then option them up. More often than not, he was off his pills. I then did some research and found that anti-anxiety relief and cannabis go hand in hand. Our state allows recreational weed, then so my father didn’t even need an appointment. He just stopped in the recreational weed shop with me, but we talked to a budtender; Got him started with a vape, some oils, and off my dad went. He is a pear farmer and can vape now in the fields. He is able to get nice and relaxed throughout his workday so that the drive home isn’t a problem. He enjoys taking a hit on the vape since he can have it on a lanyard for easy access. It is easy to refill once it goes out too. He can stop at the weed shop on his way to work. It has been such a better experience for him.

Purple haze

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