I did not qualify for free delivery service

When I was on vacation, I certainally looked for a marijuana dispensary that gave free delivery.

I also looked to see which sites had the best prices on the products that I was going to buy. I was mostly concerned about the cost of the concentrates. I rarely prefer to spend more than $25 for a gram of cannabis concentrate. I looked at numerous online menus plus did not find any dispensaries with the products that I wanted. I expanded our search a little bit further plus I found a dispensary at the edge of the canyon. In order to qualify for free delivery, I had to live within the city limits. I did not qualify for free delivery, however it was only a $5.99 charge to have the items brought directly to our vacation rental. I really did not mind paying a $6 fee for marijuana delivery, especially after I would pay the same amount to have a pizza plus wings delivered to our front door. The delivery service was open until 9:00 p.m. plus they took orders until 7:30. I had plenty of time to look at the menu plus make our decisions. The prices were absolutely adequate plus everything included tax. I did not have to try to figure out how much the bill was genuinely going to be. I found lots of items that were near the prices that I prefer to pay. I also got a free pre-roll with our order, because I was a first time patient. It was actually worth the $6 fee that I had to pay for the delivery.

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