My friend Wayne is opening a cannabis dispensary

My friend Wayne is planning to open up a cannabis dispensary right here in our little town.

When she first started talking about it, I thought that she was crazy.

I just really did not think that a cannabis dispensary, medical or otherwise, would do very well here in our town. However, now that it’s been a while and Wayne has gone through so many different legal loopholes and training classes to get everything ready to go, I think that he really might be onto something. It took him a really long time to get everything sorted out and ready to go for the cannabis dispensary, but it is looking like by this time next year, everything will be up and running. I’m really excited for Wayne now that his dream of a cannabis dispensary seems like it is going to come true. I think that Wayne’s cannabis dispensary is really going to be great whenever he finally gets it going. I know that he has worked super hard on everything and that Wayne’s place is going to be the only cannabis dispensary in our area. He is going to be providing all of the cannabis products for all of the people in a hundred and fifty mile radius, so I think that he will become very successful. Right now, he is working on the cannabis products menu, and once that is done, it’s just a waiting game for him. I think that it will be great once he finally gets started. I am actually getting excited for Wayne because he is going to be so successful.

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