My sister started using marijuana and tried to hide it

My sister is really weird and odd sometimes. When she was getting ready to graduate from high school, she left town and headed out west. She was gone for 2 years before she came back to our hometown. Since then my sister has been very depressed and sad. I thought that my sister was trying to chase her dreams by going out west. I was proud of her for trying, even if those dreams did not come true. I have always been a person that wants my sister to do well. I told her that she has a lot of potential. We had a long talk on Saturday when both of us were at my mom’s house together. I didn’t know that my sister was going to be there. My mom and I were talking when my sister arrived. My mom was telling me that my sister started using medical marijuana. I thought it sounded like a pretty good idea, because I know medical marijuana has a lot of great side effects. When my sister arrived, I tried to talk to her about medical marijuana so I could get more information. My sister said that my mom was crazy and she tried to hide the fact that she was smoking pot. It was bizarre and odd behavior and I didn’t understand why my sister didn’t want to tell me the truth about medical marijuana. I thought it sounded like a great idea when I was talking to my mom. I don’t know why my sister has to be so weird and secretive with everything in her life.


medical marijuana information

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