My efficiency at work increase when I am high

Working from home has really transformed my life for the better. While most people complained about being isolated during COVID, this happened to be the best time of my life. I even enjoyed the isolation, & staying in my house all the time. When our employer asked people to return to the office, I requested that they allow me to keep working from home. I defended myself with my numbers & stats, and went on to demonstrate that I had a higher efficiency rating working from home, so they had to oblige my request. So when people keep bashing cannabis and making claims that it makes you lazy, all I can tell them is my story is different. On average, I am far better at my job every time I’m smoking cannabis than when I am sober & straining to focus in an office cubicle. I work as a sales professional & 90% of my work is done online, or over SMS, so our clients never know how much cannabis I smoke on a regular workday. Whenever I need to attend a Zoom meeting I hide the bong & cannabis then put on a shirt & tie. However, most of the time I am in my robe & bath slippers, not forgetting the huge bowl of OG Kush or Sativa Grande Loco at my side. Even so, this is when my work output is unmatched, & I am always on track for the quarterly bonus, thanks to having cannabis which helps me relax the mind and boost my focus. If the time comes when they force me to go back to the office I may just have to switch over to cannabis edibles, or just find a new job. I love my current lifestyle just the way it is right now.


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