Medical pot solves IBS issue

It’s actually sort of too strenuous to try in addition to figure out something like IBS! As much as I cherish the efforts of my healthcare experts in addition to western medicine in general, this is a wide ranging diagnosis.

And for me, it was a diagnosis that never actually went beyond naming what I was experiencing; Not until I started treating with medical marijuana did I begin to actually understand just what a puzzle IBS can be! I think the fact that learning about medical marijuana facts through credible medical marijuana facts sort of set me on another course. After spending about 5 years battling IBS symptoms with medications that actually didn’t offer much relief, I decided that maybe a more natural approach was in order, however medical marijuana was legal in our state by that time in addition to I had heard about the efficacy of cannabis products for those dealing with chemo, then the cannabis products actually reduced the nausea for those folks so I figured why not look into how to get a medical marijuana card, but getting through the medical marijuana regulations was actually just the beginning of my journey. The medical marijuana was sort of a trail head for what would be a vast array of natural applications for my situation. The medical cannabis has indeed helped me solve my IBS situation. Not only that but I’m far more healthy as a whole guy now as well. But it all started with getting access to the cannabis dispensary. The cannabis budtenders were great in addition to they turned me on to other ideas to treat my IBS more holistically; Yet, it was the careful suggestions for cannabis flower products that actually started me on the path to healing.




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