The government charges too much for cannabis

For the last six months I have had to drive by a cannabis dispensary on my way to work, and then again on the way home.

If God is indeed real, then He put this dispensary in my path to taunt me.

In this state not just any random person can shop at a dispensary. First you have to get a doctor’s approval, and then you need to get the approval of the state, who will issue you a prescription Rx card. Did I mention the $600? That’s another part of the process! After you get approved, you still have to pay the state six hundred bucks before they issue the card. I just want to buy some cannabis, I don’t want to be extorted! That’s the government for you, I suppose, wringing a few extra bucks out of the cannabis consumer just because they can. If I sound salty, it’s because I am, after driving past a cannabis dispensary every single day, but not being allowed inside. I am a conservative smoker, which means I smoke very little cannabis on a daily basis, although I do smoke it every day. For me $600 would buy me three months worth of cannabis products, which is why I feel the price is so outrageous. Not to mention the prices in the cannabis dispensary are not exactly low! I understand that they sell the highest quality cannabis, so they have to charge accordingly. But since I am not rich, this all seems like too much money to invest in smoking cannabis, especially when I can keep buying my stuff from Roy down the street.

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