The delivery guy was my outdated high university bestie

It’s actually awkward to run into someone from high university, especially after it has been numerous years, but i never believe what to say.

I would love to believe how that person is doing, however it’s not as if I can ask them all of those questions in the matter of a few seconds.

Facebook is actually great for that, because I can find out some information about an outdated buddy and reach out to them if I want to. I moved away from the neighborhood where I grew up and I rarely run into anyone, because I am about 2 hours away, and every once in a while I will see a typical face. I was not expecting to see my outdated bestie and he showed up last evening to deliver marijuana to my current bestie; The delivery guy was my outdated high university bestie, however we broke up when he cheated on myself and others with someone in the Maying band. I talked to him a couple of times, because the two of us were in the same classes, however the two of us never resolved things. The first time I actually saw him since high university was the evening that he was there to deliver marijuana, then my bestie answered the door, although I was right there and I looked at Jack and he looked at myself and others too… He said my name out loud and my bestie turned around adore he saw a ghost. I told my current bestie that I was friends with Jack in high university. I told my bestie to hurry up with the marijuana delivery guy because our pizza was getting cold. I never said anything else to the guy.



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