My parents are less than an hour away

My mom and dad really freaked out when I told them that I was going to move away from town. When I told them that I was going to be 600 miles away, they were upset and thought that I was going to be unhappy and homesick in less than a week. I never told my mom and dad that one of the reasons I was moving was to be with a boy. I thought they were getting enough news at the time and I knew that they would give me a really hard time if I told them that the reason was a boy. I told them that I got a promotion at work and more money. Part of that was true, because I was making more money. I also got a job working for the same company, but I did not get a promotion. I asked the company to transfer me to the same city where my new boyfriend was living. My parents are less than an hour away by plane and I get to visit them at least every other month. I’m really enjoying living in the area where we are located for a lot of different reasons. I was never in the city, and now I can walk anywhere I want to go. I am also in a place with legal recreational marijuana sales. I can go to several different marijuana dispensaries nearby and buy a variety of different products like edibles, tinctures, flower, and concentrates. Nobody cares if you are vaping marijuana and it is a nice place where people have a good attitude and are generally friendly. I think my brother would like it here too.

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