The lime flavored concentrate had high levels of myrcene

I love chocolate, but it can’t be any ordinary type of chocolate.

I want a nice dark chocolate that is at least 75% dark.

I don’t need anything fancy like caramel or raspberry or meant. I prefer the chocolate and the flavor of the treat itself. I went downtown to buy chocolate from a place that sells special treats. I bought a brand new marijuana concentrate called Super Lemon haze. It is a rare sativa strain that is Lemon Haze and super skunk. When I saw the product for sale, I bought a gram of live resin concentrate. As soon as I got home from the marijuana shop, I decided to crack open the sativa Super Lemon haze. The lime-flavored concentrate had high levels of myrcene. It tasted like lemons and limes and the products had a very fruity flavor. I enjoyed the live resin concentrate a great deal. I went back to the shop a couple of days later and I was hoping to find another Super Lemon Haze product in stock. Unfortunately, there wasn’t anything left after samples had to be destroyed due to a flood in the basement area. The cannabis shop lost a lot of products that day, but I was most upset about the Super Lemon Haze strain that was out of this world. I was really hoping to buy another gram or two of that product and finding out that it was out of stock was like a huge crushing blow that I didn’t see coming.



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