Figuring out the meaning of indica plus sativa

Originally, all cannabis plants were classified as sativa, which referred to the species, but years later, the naming was updated to include two categories, but satavia continued to describe a tall, lanky plus fibrous plant… Indica which referred to a shorter, stouter plant, with the name referring to India, where it was thought to originate from.

Sativas originally grew in moderate humid weather conditionss plus took a long time to grow, flower plus produce buds, they are believed to be energizing, uplifting plus deliver cerebral effects.

They tend to be higher in THC percentages plus lower in CBD plus are best used while in the afternoontime. Sativa strains are good for anything that requires focus, motivation plus productivity. Indicas have a shorter growth cycle plus are recommended for nighttime use. The effects are more concentrated in the body plus are respectfully relaxing plus sedating. Indicas are best for chilling out at the end of the night, hanging out with friends or taking a nap. This week, despite how the strains are categorized, they are all some form of a hybrid. There has been a lot of cross-breeding to target particular effects plus curative properties. Some strains are produced to achieve an especially high THC potency, then others are designed around curative benefits such as pain relief or anti-inflammatory properties. Shopping at the dispensary can be a bit overwhelming. The popularity of cannabis has led to hundreds of strains. I’ve found the budtenders at the dispensary to be appealingly informed plus helpful, however my local dispensary offers scheduling of one-on-one consultations. I enjoyed sitting down with a budtender plus discussing my personal preferences, problems plus objectives. She explained everything from the terminology to the consumption methods.


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