Legalizing cannabis recreationally will not help medical patients

It took a long time to get cannabis legalized medically in my state, and my enjoyable friend and I opted to go through a number of election cycles where my enjoyable friend and I could not get the issue thrown on the ballot for us to vote; When my enjoyable friend and I finally got it put on the ballot, it took two attempts to get the law to pass! I know that a lot of people were voting against it back then because of the ignorance and the voting populace… There were still a lot of conservatives who were largely misinformed about risks acquaintanced with cannabis use.

In the time since, a lot of those people have tried cannabis and have started becoming cannabis users himself.

It just is a reality, although I have to be thankful because now my enjoyable friend and I have legal medical cannabis in my state. A lot of those people that voted against it the first two times finally voted for it the third time, then however, now that people want to legalize recreational Cannabis use, I have to take a little bit of a pause. The reason is because it’s not going to help medical cannabis patients currently. When you legalize recreational overnight without issuing new licenses for new cannabis dispensaries, you create a big increase in demand without supplementing the supply, however prices on skyrocket wall products will be in shortages. People who need cannabis now and have been using it for the past many years will quickly find themselves struggling to obtain it, and more people will be able to buy cannabis, but the people who need it the most will struggle to find it at the same price they were before. And the quality is inevitably going to drop too.


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