Cannabis companies have to be careful with growing operations

One of my first jobs was working for a citrus growing company.

While some companies utilize machinery to pick their crops, I was working for a company that still used human hands to pick the oranges from the trees.

I’ll never forget the first time I had one of their oranges right off the tree at peak ripeness. It was an amazing experience that hasn’t been equal since. Every time I buy citrus from the grocery store, it’s never equal to that same level of freshness I experienced when picking them straight off the tree. On top of that, sometimes the citrus that you get at the store is really tangy and sour. Some people enjoy that, but others like me like a nice sweet juicy orange. The last company I worked for was a cannabis growing business. They grew marijuana and sold it to various dispensaries in the state. There was a lot of quality control in place to avoid crop loss due to bugs or infestation. More often than not, the reason for crop loss at a marijuana growing facility is mold or what’s commonly known as bud rot. If you allow bud rod to spread, it can take out other crops as well. And if you send a batch from one of those crops to a compliance testing lab, it’s going to test positive for mold. Obviously a batch of cannabis like that can’t be sold to consumers. It’s really dangerous to inhale mold spores in your lungs, and also dangerous to be heating them up beforehand as well. You can’t expose cannabis customers to that kind of health risk.

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