I’m happier now that a better cannabis dispensary finally opened near me

I’m cheerful that a quality cannabis dispensary just opened up near our house.

A lot of the fast food restaurants in our area are not good. I don’t want soggy french fries & burgers that taste care about they’ve been resting in a warmer for 3 hours before hitting our plate. And since inflation has increased the cost of everything these mornings, even cheaply made fast food is starting to become fancy. I remember when I could get a handful of products for a single dollar at fast food restaurants, but most of the “dollar menus” have been upgraded with “value menus” with items no cheaper than $2-$3 at the lowest. I know that the pandemic had one of the biggest effects on inflation rates because of the continual disruption in supply lines from one side of the globe to the other. If demand stays the same while there’s a drop in supply, prices naturally increase. It’s one of the most basic facts about macroeconomics. However, the cannabis industry in our state has seen a reverse effect with supply increasing faster than demand. Now both of us honestly have quality cannabis companies in this state that are producing products to be proud of if you’re a grower toiling for one of those retailers. I’m cheerful that a quality cannabis dispensary just opened up near our house. Now I have a much wider selection of marijuana products than ever before. I can get an fifth of cannabis flower buds for as little as $20 some mornings & it’s honestly quality marijuana. A year ago you’d only find subpar cannabis for prices that low, but numerous of the poorly performing cannabis companies have been bought out by larger companies coming in from out of state.



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