I broke down on my way to get the cannabis

My boyfriend ordered some supplies from the cannabis shop.

The shop was supposed to deliver them, but they called about an hour after my boyfriend placed the order.

They only had one driver on staff and the guy was not going to be able to bring the order. The woman on the phone wanted to know if we were going to choose to pick up the order instead. My boyfriend wanted me to go to the cannabis shop since he was watching the game. I agreed. It was a 7 mile trip to the dispensary and then seven more miles back. It was pretty cold outside, but I was running the heater. I arrived at the cannabis shop and I picked up all of the items from our order. About 15 minutes before I got home, I noticed some smoke coming out of the car. I decided to pull over and my car would not restart. I contacted a couple of people that I knew, but nobody was able to help me. I sat on the side of the road for a couple of minutes. I decided to call my boyfriend. He wasn’t very happy that he had to come to my rescue instead of watching the game. I told him that I was very sorry for messing up his afternoon. He was mad at me for 3 days after that. I knew that I should have called him right away after I broke down, but I was worried that he would react with anger just the same way that he did when he found out about the car.

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