What do you want to know about medical cannabis?

I was talking to my mom last month, and I asked her if she would let me use medical marijuana for my depression.

I had been getting treatments for depression since I was ten years old.

She looked like I had just cursed at her and asked why I want to know about medical cannabis? I told her we had been talking in school, and the subject of recreational marijuana being legalized was brought up. The teacher asked what our opinion was? I wasn’t sure recreational marijuana should be legalized, but I thought that medical cannabis was great for people who needed it. I had read several articles over the last couple of months about the use of medical marijuana in the treatment of depression and anxieties. Most of the signs point to medical marijuana being the drug of choice for most doctors. It was a natural product that came from nature. There were no ill side effects because of the chemicals used to create the medicine. Since it was cleaned and processed, there were virtually no side effects if used as directed. My mother told me no son of her would ever use drugs, and I stood up. I told her she had been putting drugs in my system for years, and the side effects were almost as bad as the depression. I would soon be sixteen, and I wanted to decide what medicine I was going to use. If that decision was medical marijuana, I thought she should respect it. Mom cried, but dad was listening. He came into the house and told me that if I wanted to try medical marijuana, he would help me get a medical marijuana ID card for both of us.

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