I love that I can order marijuana products online.

I remember when I had to pick a day of the week so I could find someone to take me to the marijuana dispensary.

First, I had to find someone willing to take me. I then had to set up a schedule that would work with their schedule and make it work. It was a hassle for me, and I hated thinking how much they hated giving up their time for an old lady. I could barely see, and I was no longer driving. When my husband was alive, we would often talk about how nice it would be if we could order marijuana products online. We could look through their catalog and find what they had for sale. After seeing what they had on sale, we could order marijuana products and use their delivery services. It would have made things so easy. Two years later, our marijuana dispensary began marijuana delivery services. I had a computer that I could talk to and it would answer me. Not only could I get online and get to the cannabis dispensary in our area, but I could put in an online order and use a marijuana delivery service. I no longer had to bother family members for rides. Although I missed talking to and being with family members, I enjoyed ordering marijuana products online, and using the marijuana delivery services. Last week, my grandson called and asked why I hadn’t asked for a ride to the marijuana dispensary? I told him about marijuana delivery services and he wouldn’t need to take me there anymore. He seemed upset and asked who was going to buy him ice cream now.



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