Using medical weed for my anxiety

Since I have had children my anxiety has gone through the roof.

It used to be something I could manage with good eating, a great workout and some sleep.

Now that I have kids, those things are out the window. I eat whatever I can grab, I never get to workout and sleep isn’t something that I get all too often. Combine that with various doctors appointments, affording diapers and dealing with being a new parent, my stress levels are through the roof. I started having anxiety attacks on a weekly basis. Mediating and calming myself only went so far. My husband then told me I should get a medical weed perception. As another that didn’t seem right for me. I did the necessary steps though since I was desperate. After I got my card in the mail it took me a few weeks before I was able to step foot in the medical cannabis dispensary. After I stopped in, I couldn’t believe I didn’t do it sooner. The budtender was so helpful. I was picturing myself smoking a joint in front of my babies. The budtender got me a tincture. This is a cannabis oil that I put in my tea in the morning and at night. It keeps me calm and reduces my anxiety attacks. I don’t even notice the state. Nobody would suspect the oil I put in there is a cannabis product. I know weed isn’t illegal anymore, but I am glad I am not advertising being a cannabis user to my kids.



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