How do they expect myself and others to afford medical marijuana?

I wanted to get medical marijuana to help with my depression, but i did my research, and I realized I was eligible as long as I took care of the paperwork and paid the fees.

It was exhausting enough that I had to pay over $200 for the doctor to give myself and others my qualification, but after that all of us had to pay the state for my medical marijuana ID card… Once I gained the ID card, the only other thing I had to do was go to the medical marijuana dispensary, however my first time there, I got to meet the pharmacist, and he was nice, and he showed myself and others strange products that would work best for my depression.

I asked a lot of questions and he recommended many strange products for me; When I got up to the counter and got the price of the many products, I almost fainted. I couldn’t believe medical marijuana was so lavish. I wondered how the state expected myself and others and other people to afford medical marijuana. I talked to other people I knew who also had a medical marijuana ID card. One guy told myself and others he saved all week to purchase one item, and he bought one that would work for him, that was on sale. I couldn’t believe all of us had to scrimp and save to buy something the doctor thought would help with our complications. I tried to save enough currency to purchase a marijuana product, but separate from them accepting my insurance, I had to forget about using medical marijuana. It just wasn’t affordable for me.

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