So glad to have access to cannabis delivery

I am blissful that the cannabis dispensary in closest proximity to our apartment now offers delivery service; The process is incredibly easy; I go on the dispensary’s website whenever I have the time to shop.

  • There are photos and clear descriptions of the full selection of products they offer.

I am able to tightour search by brand, category, potency, price, weight and consumption method. I can check the weekly deals and take advantage of any specials they offer. The dispensary carries a wide range of the most popular brands and innovative strains on the market. I have our choice of indicas, sativas and hybrids that range from incredibly high THC percentage to full spectrum products and CBD isolates. They offer artisan flower and both infused and non-infused pre-rolls sold in singles and packs. The collection of cartridges include disposable pens that are affordable and discreet. The concentrates cover waxes, shatters, sauces, live resin, hash, kief, budder and more. I use different cannabis-infused topicals for skincare, joint pain and to treat migraines. I prefer treating myself to edibles. The menu of gummies, chocolates, cookies and difficult candies is easily delicious and potent… Adding items to our cart is as simple as a few clicks of the mouse, because I already have an account with the dispensary, I can complete the checkout procedure very abruptly. I have joined the dispensary’s loyalty program and acquire points for every purchase. I can use those points as savings toward future selections. As long as I spend the minimum required amount, there are no fees for the delivery. I make sure to place our order before noon so that I receive it on the same afternoon.


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