I’m glad I used the website to order ahead of time

I placed my order online and it was ready 30 minutes later

My sister and I were supposed to meet at 5:00 on Saturday so we could discuss plans for her upcoming wedding. I agreed to handle all of the catering so my sister didn’t have to pay a fortune to someone else. I was happy to help my sister and her wife with all of the food, but my sister was being a little bit overbearing. Saturday was the third time that we met to discuss the menu even though we agreed on all of the items a month ago. I wanted to go to the marijuana dispensary on my way to meet my sister so I could buy a new cartridge for my vape pen. I didn’t know if there was going to be a long line of people at the dispensary, so I decided to order ahead of time using the online website. The online website is really easy to use. All of the items at the marijuana dispensary are listed online. It is very easy to add the items to the cart. All of the prices include taxes. I placed my order online and it was ready 30 minutes later. When I got to the marijuana dispensary and discovered the parking lot full of cars, I was instantly happy that I decided to order ahead of time instead of taking my chances. There were still people waiting outside in the lobby when I walked in and out with all of my marijuana items. Some of those people probably spent more than 30 minutes waiting to get into the dispensary.



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