Had a wonderful time at the fight

I went to the city environment to watch a confrontation between the best matched boxers that I have seen in a long time.

The confrontation was held at a casino so many hours from our place in the desert.

I brought many friends with me to the event as well as I paid for our hotel rooms. They bought their own tickets to the fight, but I paid for the room at the casino as well as the hotel. The confrontation was televised live on ESPN for a premium pay per view fee of $99. Tickets to the events were merely $200, so I was blissful to see the action live. Our seats were amazing too. We were only a few rows behind the guy who dings the bell for show. Before the fight, I decided to get marijuana supplies from a dispensary near me. The dispensary as well as delivery service offered free delivery to the hotel in no time. I paid top shelf prices for three infused marijuana joints. The marijuana joints were said to taste something like strawberries, oranges, as well as pineapple. I hoped that they would taste great, but I didn’t expect them to be excellent. They didn’t disappoint me at all. The delivery guy came right to our hotel room with the products as well as a free pre-rolled marijuana joint too, because it was our first order from the marijuana shop. I tipped the young guy more than nine bucks. We smoked one of the joints before the confrontation as well as had a few drinks while we were there. I had a good amount of fun that night with my friends.
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