Should ex-cons be allowed to work at the cannabis dispensary?

Dave was the first ex-con I hired to work at my shop. I received some pushback from my corporate bosses about this. They considered Dave to be, in their words, “a risky hire.” I explained to them that Dave had done three years in jail because of cannabis possession. That is no longer a crime in this state, so I didn’t understand why it should be held against him. If anything, this proved that Dave was committed to the cause of cannabis, because he had served time for it! I won that fight, and Dave became the newest budtender at my little cannabis dispensary. Six months later I hired another ex-con, a big beefy biker named Bill, to work the front door of my cannabis dispensary. This caused a lot of trouble with my corporate bosses, because Bill had been arrested for robbing a cannabis dealer. I argued that this made Bill the best possible choice to run security, because he knew the mind of a cannabis thief. Eventually I won the argument, and Bill was allowed to work the front door of the cannabis dispensary for me. From there, my shop had a period of tranquility and growth, because Bill always kept the peace, and he proved to be very popular. Bill looks scary, but he is funny and kind, and the cannabis customers have taken to him. There is still an ongoing debate in the company about hiring ex-cons, but in my cannabis dispensary it has been a great experience. What do you think? Hit me up with your comments!

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