I had to sit through the three hour class

I was working for a temp agency and they called me with an assignment that was possible full time.

The best part about the assignment was the fact that it was at a marijuana dispensary.

The worst part about the assignment was the fact that the marijuana dispensary was a good 40 minute drive from my apartment. The pay was above average and the fact that it could have turned into full-time made me take the assignment. I found out that I had to sit through a 3-hour class before I could start working in the dispensary. The class was held on a Saturday afternoon. My friends and I were supposed to go to the beach that day and the lady from the dispensary called me on Friday to tell me about the Saturday afternoon class. I was going to tell the lady that I could not be there, but I did not want to lose out on the opportunity. I told the woman that I would be there. The 3-hour class was one of the most boring lectures and video seminars that I have ever had to sit through. I’ve had some really boring High School teachers and some even less enthusiastic college professors, but the person running the marijuana dispensary class had no personality and no enthusiasm. The woman looked like she was jet lagged or drunk. She didn’t really say much to the class. She sat there and changed the video every 45 minutes. When the 3-hour class was over, we received a paper plaque stating that we were certified to work in the marijuana dispensary.


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