Figured out I had no online presence

My cannabis dispensary for a long time was struggling.

I couldn’t figure out what the issue was.

I started working with a new grower to get fresher, better and more diverse products. I changed around the labeling of something flashy. I rearranged the store. I even laid off some budtenders and hired newer ones. All of those things made my cannabis dispensary better, but I couldn’t seem to get more business. I started checking out the competition to see what I was lacking. I realized that the other cannabis businesses were very investing in marketing themselves, specifically online. Everyone had a website, social media pages and were ranked quite high on google either using SEO or PPC. I didn’t have anything like that. I started trying to do all the online marketing stuff myself. That didn’t work at all. I realized that I am not very technologically smart. I did some hunting around and found an SEO business that specifically works with cannabis dispensaries. They hooked me up with a great website. It has a page for each of the important aspects of my business like curbside pickup and delivery. It also has an order form where you can place those orders on my website and never have a need to call the store. It is clean, efficient and smarter. I also have my website showing up on google and people post to our company facebook page. I am starting to see a boost in sales now. I should have gotten a website at the very least from day one.
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