Chilling at the cannabis cafe

If it’s early Thursday day, you can particularly find me at the cannabis cafe.

This is true just about every Thursday and it’s been my saving grace since it first got here.

Actually, the owners of the local cannabis spot were the ones who opened the cannabis cafe. They were the first folks to open a cannabis dispensary in the neighborhood when medical marijuana was legalized. This marijuana dealer is passionate about all things cannabis. I know that’s why my local cannabis spot is considered one of the best cannabis dispensaries in our state. I’m just so lucky that I live just down the road. When recreational marijuana became legal, they were the first to expand their marijuana business. And I’m so honestly, honestly thankful that they did. They took over what had been a rundown eating establishment and turned it into a cannabis cafe. It sits along a quiet, tree lined side street with cafe tables out front. There is also a nice little courtyard in the back of the cannabis cafe if you’re not into people seeing from the street. This place has phenomenal coffee and the most delicious cannabis edibles ever. Since the day this place has opened, I have spent at least one day there resetting my head. Seriously, that’s what it feels like for me. I like to get there easily early for my first coffee on my day off after another long month of work. Then, I nibble on a cannabis edible through the day while I chat with friends, learn a book or just stick my face in the sunshine. These hours at the cannabis cafe are indeed the reset I need after a grueling month doing what I do for a living.
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