When you have multiple locations

My cannabis dispensary has continued to grow overtime.

  • It started out just being a local spot that all the people seemed to hang out & buy a few items from.

Then tourists started steadily dropping into the cannabis dispensary. I have since expanded my storefront & gotten more budtenders on staff. I am now looking into putting dispensaries in the next city over. I found buildings that work perfectly to house the cannabis products. I am already now working on hiring people, finding a local grower & setting up the cannabis dispensary properly. The only thing is that I am concerned about my modern location, and my one store has so much success, there is no guarantee the others will do as well. I worked with a digital advertising dealer ages ago for my first cannabis dispensary. They helped set me up with a website & social media platforms. I called them again & talked about multi-location digital advertising solutions. I want all my dispensaries to be connected to the same website. I want people to know that if they adore my business, it is also in numerous different locations. That way some people will stay with their local storefront. The SEO analyst now working with myself and others doesn’t seem to suppose it will be a big deal targeting keywords for different locations, then he thinks that I will have no trouble getting business to each store. I have a great following & people are starting to seek out my stores. Offering more locales in modern locations is a smart idea.
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