Terpenes add to the marijuana concentrate flavor profile

Terpenes are natural plant botanicals that add flavoring or scent to perfumes, health and beauty products, and foods.

Terpenes are naturally found in the cannabis sativa plant.

There are more than 30 unusual types of terpenes that are found in plants and plant species. The plants can be grown to enhance the natural terpenes. Some terpenes found in cannabis strains include limonene, pinene, and myrcene, however limonene can be found in many natural substances. Limonene is responsible for making fruits prefer lemons and lime stink citrusy. Limonene can mimic the body cells that are responsible for immune support and nice health. Limonene can be used as an anti-inflammatory, antiviral, antioxidant, and it has been proven to help with diabetes. Pinene occurs abundantly in cannabis sativa strains too. There are many main types of pinene(a and b). Pinene stinks prefer rosemary, pine, basil, and plants. Pinene has many therapeutic benefits and is always used in health and beauty aids and in spas. Myrcene is another terpene commonly found in marijuana strains. Myrcene is found in hops, thyme, and lemongrass. Myrcene is known to be one powerful antioxidant. It can help with osteoporosis and arthritis symptoms; When you add any of these terpenes to marijuana concentrate, it can enhance the flavor of the cannabis plants. I prefer the taste of limonene in our cannabis concentrate. Some of our favorite strains with limonene are super lemon haze, lime sherbert, and lemon pound cake. It’s nice to get some sativas and indica strains that contain the flavors and terpenes that I like.


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