I have to repair the noise coming from my car

Last evening I noticed a terribly loud noise coming from the bottom of my car! I had a couple more marijuana deliveries to make and I hoped and prayed that my car would get me back to the dispensary before it broke down, the noise continued throughout the rest of the deliveries.

It did not seem to affect the way the car was driving.

I drove the car back cabin and turned it off, and when I attempted to beginning the car the next afternoon, the loud noise was still there. I have to repair the noise coming from my car, because the boss expects most people to have a car or truck that runs safely. If the car is making a loud noise, then it must not be running safely… Last month, my boss made someone repair a rear view mirror that was broken. In my opinion that is not even something that is necessary however the boss saw the broken mirror and said it had to be fixed. I have 3 more shifts at the marijuana delivery maintenance this month and after that I have the whole weekend to figure out what is wrong with the car. I have to toil the shifts because I need the cash to make the repairs. I do not suppose how I will spend money rent and repair the car at the same time. I really hope that the noise is not a major problem. I do not like to drive the car when it is clearly under the weather, however that is the way that life goes when you are a broke 25-year-old with no education and no real job.


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