Cannabis is a vital hurricane supply

It was just a few weeks ago that Hurricane Ian devastated this state, and here we go again with the next major stormfront! I have no idea why I continue to live so far south, where I have to contend with Hurricane Season for four months a year.

Although Hurricane Ian did no damage to my home or my property, that doesn’t mean the next hurricane won’t.

Every time a big dangerous storm comes through I have to make sure I am fully stocked on supplies to ride it out. I need food and water, of course, lots of booze, and a full complement of cannabis products. If I am going to weather the storm, I need to have an ample supply of cannabis! Besides the countless medical and spiritual benefits a person can get from smoking cannabis, there are also some practical advantages. If the power goes out, I can’t watch TV or play video games. But I can smoke cannabis, which requires no electricity or wifi in order to enjoy. I might be forced to eat cold spaghetti-Os out of a can, but if I can smoke marijuana beforehand then it won’t be such a gross experience. The biggest thing that cannabis offers me is peace of mind and calmness of spirit. When I don’t have access to cannabis I get anxious and nervous, which is not a good mindstate when you are in the middle of a hurricane. Cannabis soothes my psyche and makes it easy for me to sit back and ride out the storm. Bourbon helps, too.

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