I recommended medical marijuana to my uncle.(prostate cancer)

The doctors had recently diagnosed my uncle with prostate cancer. The cancer had already spread to several other organs, and within a week, they were getting ready to administer chemo and radiation. He wasn’t worried about the outcome of the cancer, but he was worried about what the chemo and radiation would do to him. He had heard many people talking about how it made you sick, and how your hair fell out. He laughed and said he was already bald, so losing any more hair would not bother him. He didn’t like the weakness and nausea that was going to come with the chemotherapy. My husband nor I had ever talked about our experience with chemotherapy and radiation. We didn’t think anybody needed to know that someone we were very close to had cancer, and we knew how difficult it had been. When I mentioned to my uncle that he might want to request medical marijuana, he seemed a little nonplussed at the idea. He asked why he would ask about medical marijuana? I told him that certain forms of medical marijuana have been proven to help with the nausea and depression that comes with chemotherapy. Once he got his full diagnosis, he could talk to his doctor about medical marijuana. Many oncologists could now send the prescription to the state so their patients can get the medical marijuana card and have their marijuana products ready to be used as soon as their chemo started. I was grateful that he didn’t ask how my husband and I knew so much about medical marijuana, but he didn’t forget to thank us.

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