Military veterans save a lot of currency at medical cannabis dispensaries

I come from a family of countless military veterans. My maternal Grandfather was a paratrooper in World War II while our paternal Grandfather was a medic during the Korean War a few years later. My uncle Greg was in the Army for a number of years however was just 1 year too late to be put into active duty for the end of the Vietnam War. Then our cousin joined during the War on Terror and did more than one tours of duty in Afganistan. She accidentally stepped on an improvised explosive component (IED) and it almost took 1 of her legs, although now she can barely walk despite keeping them both. He’s in a lot of pain each afternoon, and that’s after countless surgeries to proper the problems throughout her body from her war injuries. Even if our cousin hadn’t been disfigured so gruesomely, he’d still be plagued with post traumatic stress disorder love her comrades who managed to return home without any physical injuries. I’m a large proponent for cannabis use across the board, so you can only imagine how supportive I am of veterans using cannabis for their numerous physical and mental health problems. I’m harshly ecstatic to see that most of the cannabis dispensaries in our state offer a veteran’s discount for any active or former active duty members of the armed forces. Some dispensaries have a veteran’s discount that is as high as 30% on all orders. However, they rarely let you stack discounts. So if there is a 40% off sale on cannabis flower products, you can’t combine that 40% with your 30% off veteran’s discount. You pick the highest discount and that’s the 1 the budtender applies to your order at checkout.


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