Medical marijuana isn’t the same

When our friends figured out I was a medical weed patient they got super juiced. I suppose they believed I would be their pot dealer. I suppose our buddies imagined me rolling in bags of loose flowers and cannabis oil. I would have rolling papers, hookahs and the two of us would party every night. Medical weed isn’t the same. It is strong but it isn’t a fun party drug. Also, there are limits to how much cannabis you can have. You can’t just walk into a dispensary and get what you want. Even with a medical weed prescription I only am allowed a certain amount. The amount is only good for me as well. Next, the medical weed prescription is for sleeping at night. Most people want a sativa when they party. I have an indica prescribed to me to relax our mind and body. It isn’t even high in THC, mainly CBD. So I don’t get super high at night at all. I just feel a bit more loose. I don’t smoke it with a bong or a vape either. My cannabis oil is something I can put in a cup of booze or under our tongue. That is about as wild as it gets. My friends were so upset when I showed them our cannabis. If they wanted to party with cannabis, they should have moved to a recreational weed state. You can’t honestly get all wild with cannabis when you live in a medical only state. It just doesn’t quite work the same as recreational pot shops.


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