The hiring event went really well thanks to the Human Resource business partner

When I opened a third marijuana shop up north, I knew that I wasn’t going to be able to be there every single day to interview people for the job. I made sure to contact a business that could help me with these responsibilities. I looked for a company that could handle human resources, employee tracking, consulting, and I also wanted a company that could help me manage my entire workforce. I found a company that is a human resource business partner for marijuana shops. This human resource business partner was one of the top rated companies when you look online for this type of service. I knew that the human resource business partner was going to be the winner when we had a hiring event in june. Two months before the hiring event, I spoke with the human resource business partner about the event. I didn’t have to worry about anything from there, except signing a couple of checks. The hiring event went really well too. We ended up with enough staff to fill all of the positions and many of the budenders were skilled and knowledgeable and already up to date on many of the rules, regulations, and codes regarding medical and recreational marijuana. After I realized the company had everything under control, I was less worried about opening a third store more than three hours from home. I knew I couldn’t be there everyday and this partner made me feel confident that everything would be more than alright without my daily presence and wisdom.

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