New cannabis dispensary is really something

When I was much younger, the idea that there would be legal marijuana in my life was nothing but a dream. Still, it was a dream that was worth advocating for. And I spent plenty of time and energy in an effort to get recreational marijuana and medical marijuana on the ballot. Part of this effort was prompted by all the challenges there were just too enjoy cannabis. As a person with a serious career, I certainly couldn’t take the chance of being busted over a small amount of sativa product. I really couldn’t actually pursue marijuana for sale at all either. Instead, I’d be lucky if an old friend stopped by and shared some Indica with me. Or maybe I’d run across someone who wanted to share a joint with me in private. The state finally came to its senses and legalized recreational marijuana. This was huge. It felt like a payoff from the investment of all my time and energy to see this issue through. But the first time I walked into a cannabis dispensary, I was a bit stunned. I guess I just figured there’d be a few jars of weed and that would be about it. That’s how little I knew about the marijuana industry. The local cannabis spot was simply amazing. I can only say that it’s much like a fine wine and food retail outlet. I was blown away by the amount of marijuana products available to me. It was just row after row of every kind of cannabis product one could even imagine. I’m now so interested in the cannabis edibles that I hardly even purchase any other sort of cannabis product.

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