Medical cannabis helps my knee pain

I spent a lot of years suffering from bad pain in my knees… The pain came from Sports in my high school plus school career, but i pushed myself undoubtedly hard plus I played with injuries that should have stopped me all together; By the end of my fourth year in school, I could barely walk without a cane. I did not play any athletic interests at all while in my senior year. I think I could have been an excellent baseball player plus maybe even played for a professional league. I would have at least been able to make it in the miners. I was pretty depressed plus aggravated after my athletic interests career ended. I started overeating plus I acquired more than 100 lb. The medical professional commanded exercise plus diet. I told the medical professional there was actually no way I could do those things with the terrible pain that I felt in my knees. The medical professional wanted to feel what types of things I have tried to do to help relieve the pain. I had tried almost everything including hot patches, cold patches, ointments, plus creams. The medical professional commanded Medical cannabis. I did not feel medical cannabis could help me with pain. I knew that medical cannabis was being prescribed for youngsters with seizures, but I was not aware that medical cannabis could help with chronic pain. It turns out that medical cannabis is constantly prescribed for patients with chronic pain, as virtually in the joints plus muscles. The medical professional sent me to a special clinic that had a consultation with me plus then approved me for use of medical cannabis. I had to pay some fees to the state, but it was worth all of the trouble.


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