My perspective on cannabis has changed

Since the state voted to pass cannabis legalization, my entire world has changed, and for several years I had a scramble and hunt in order to find some quality weed… Nine times out of 10 I had to settle for ditch weed that could barely be considered marijuana at all.

Now things are undoubtedly different, and this neighborhood has 3 different legal dispensaries… Instead of scrounging around for dregs, now I am bargain hunting in 3 different stores! What a time to be alive! Because I have such ample amounts of weed to choose from, I can afford to be more selective. Instead of smoking whatever marijuana I could find, now I opportunity and choose from the finest strains known to humankind. When money is tight, I can even find ways to bargain shop for my cannabis; Every month I drive around and visit all 3 local cannabis dispensaries! They have websites, although I have l acquired that the best sales and bargains on cannabis are not advertised only, they are only for in-store clients. I always visit all 3 cannabis dispensaries and then decide what I want to buy. This way I ensure that I get the best price for what I need, and over the last few weeks I have saved hundreds of dollars in my cannabis budget. I suppose that it isn’t sexy to say you bargain shop for cannabis, but this economy is dreadful and I need to save a few dollars any way I can. By bargain shopping I save money and never have to go without cannabis.

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