I can't buy anything high-priced until the car repairs are taken care of

I was on my way house from going to see with some friends plus it was very dark outside… I was on a twisty plus curvy road plus I was going a little faster than the speed limit. I was seeing out for deer plus other cars, although I was also increasing the dial on the radio plus looking at my PC. I ended up in a ditch when I didn’t realize that the road was about to turn. I tried to correct my steering wheel, although I slid into the ditch plus ended up with a bunch of front end disfigure, and one of my friends came to pull me out of the ditch, however the car wasn’t going to run… The men helped me get it back to the house plus then I looked at all of the disfigure. It’s going to cost about $1,740 to service all of the repairs on the car. I can’t buy anything high-priced until all of the car repairs are paid for. I have been saving almost every single dollar that I have extra. I have been skimping on all of my recreational marijuana purchases. I usually spend about $200 every 2 weeks on recreational marijuana, however I have had to split that budget in half plus buy cheaper products. The cheaper recreational marijuana products do not taste as fine plus I do not think they get me as high, however they mean I can save $200 plus put that towards the repairs on my car. I can’t drive the car until the repairs are paid for, so I am stuck until they are done.


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