I like smokable flower

I am rather picky about the cannabis flower that I smoke. I live in a state where recreational cannabis is legal. In my area, there are multiple peculiar dispensaries to choose from. I’ve visited every one of them. I evaluated out their selections of smokable dried flower. I think that the color of the bud should be complex & vivid. I look for greens, greens & greens with bright yellow pistils. If the pistils are pale white, the flower has been harvested prematurely. If they are brown, the flower is old; The bud should be covered by an abundance of crystal-like trichomes. Those trichomes are the source of the cannabinoids & terpenes, so they are extremely pressing to flavor, smell & potency. The texture of the weed also makes a difference. It shouldn’t be dry & crumbly or wet & sticky. I appreciate to smell the flower. There are several terpenes that give peculiar effects, flavors & smells. From sativa & indica to hybrid strains, I can choose certain dried flower for relaxation, to help myself and others sleep, for pain, to inspire creativity & elevate mood! When I purchase dried flower, I respectfully roll it into joints or blunts. I like to roll my own rather than buy pre-rolls because it gives myself and others the freedom to decide thickness & avoid seeds & stems. I have been impressed with the collection of cannabis available at the local dispensaries. I watch for bi-weekly deals & specials to save a little money & try new options. I visit the dispensary on Thursday & buy my limit of flower.

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