Trying out different consumption methods

For the past couple of years, I’ve been going through menopause.

I’ve been dealing with a variety of symptoms, including migraines, insomnia, muscle aches and hot flashes. I’ve looked into different options of medicines but was skeptical of the potential side-effects. I’ve tried home remedies with very little success. My sister recommended that I pay a visit to the local cannabis dispensary. Because recreational weed is legal in my state, any adult over twenty-one years of age with a valid government-issued identification can purchase cannabis. There are limits to how much an individual can purchase each day. I shop the cannabis strains that target my specific symptoms. I’ve experimented with different consumption methods. I like dried flower rolled in a joint because of the smoking experience and quick onset of effects. I sometimes choose pre-rolls to avoid the work and enjoy a consistent burn. Plus, pre-rolls are available in singles and packs and are especially affordable. Tinctures are one of my favorite methods because of the compact packaging. I can carry the little bottle in my purse and use the included dropper for micro dosing. Topicals are helpful for treating headaches and muscle pains. Cannabis-infused ointments don’t cause any psychoactive effects, can be applied multiple times per day and are absorbed rapidly. The cannabinoids interact with receptors in the skin to provide localized relief. I just recently samples vapes. I was amazed by how easy and convenient they are. The flavor was incredible. Because vapes only heat up the cannabis oil to the point of creating vapor rather than combustion, they avoid carcinogens and maximize transference of cannabinoids.

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