I liked the CBD gummies.

When the government legalized CBD in our state, I knew it wouldn’t be long before they legalized medical marijuana.

The difference between purchasing CBD over the counter and purchasing medical marijuana, was the price.

I had been buying CBD Gummies for my migraines, from the onset of legalizing CBD. I liked how the CBD was able to calm my headaches, and yet it didn’t leave me with any aftereffects. When they finally legalized medical marijuana, I told my husband that I was no longer interested in getting a medical marijuana ID card. I was fine with purchasing the CBD Gummies that I was able to get at the pharmacy. When I talked to my pharmacist, she said that she had talked to the pharmacist at the marijuana dispensary. They told her they had a 4:1 CBD/THC gummy that would work even better than the CBD they sold at their pharmacy. She asked me if I had any aftereffects from the CBD that I was using for my headaches? I explained to her that the only aftereffect I had was not having a headache within an hour after using the CBD Gummies she sold at her pharmacy. She told me that as long as the CBD was working for me, she would not recommend I use medical marijuana. Even though the CBD may be cheaper at the medical marijuana dispensary, in the long run I was saving money by not needing to pay a doctor and the cost of the medical marijuana ID card. I thanked her for her input, but I’d already decided I was going to stick with the CBD Gummies that I was getting at the pharmacy.

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