I’m glad that where I live is blue

There are a lot of differences between the west and the East coast.

  • I didn’t know how many differences there were until I spent 10 years living east.

The east is one of the biggest cities in west and it happens to be right on the water. The city is surrounded by water. I decided to move here after I got a professional fishing job. I lived in the Southeast all of my life and that’s where I learned how to fish. I got offered a job working as a professional, but they wanted me to spend a couple of years in making videos at Puget sound. I was there for 10 years during that time. I must have made more than a thousand different fishing videos on Puget sound. Being in east was a lot of fun and it was a great city. There’s lots of fun activities and the Space Needle is a must-see tourist attraction. From time to time the weather can be wet and rainy, but that doesn’t stop me from going out on the water for a day of fishing. Another thing that I really love about my spot is the fact that the state has laws to allow recreational and medical marijuana use. It is very easy to acquire recreational marijuana. There are several different marijuana dispensaries and the surrounding area. Many of the marijuana shops deliver and all of them have different sales and specials. It’s easy to find something you love at a marijuana dispensary there.



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